Friday, April 4, 2008

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Episode 6

Movie industry insider and girlfriend Abby Campbell joins us to share some fan mail she's read. We also break off a chunk of Overheards, Celebrity Odds, and Ben Mills calls in from the road.

Download episode 6 here

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Alkaline brand batteries

The Tyra Banks/Jay Manuel Feud

The Jason X Soundtrack

Russell Crowe vs. Beowulf vs. Sean Bean vs. Ray Winstone (not pictured)
Jason Lee for We Are the Superlative Conspiracy


rs said...

hey abby, who was the european that u got to catch up with? someone from isb?

Beowulf, saw it in 3d imax with the colored glasses.....amaaaaazing


rs said...

Franklin is his name

rs said...

sorry if this is posted twice

rs said...