Friday, July 17, 2009

Episode 72 - Adam Lisagor

Adam Lisagor of You Look Nice Today joins us to talk clowns, kid magazines, and Nickelodeon.

Download episode 72 here. (right-click)

Brought unto you by:




The worst thing to happen to clowns...

...not so much



Scare-ol Burnett

Hunky Davids

Nicky Nicky Neck Tattoo

Arsenio and bandleader Michael Wolff

Let's Get Busy

Phaser or Flanger? You decide.


Muppet CrocoDund

Tarkanian Rhythms

Lily Allen topless

Naked C-List

TV's Alex Mack




B on a W

Stop Podcasting Yourself Live, July 28th. Be there.

-John Ritter and Harry Anderson were both in It.
-Wicked Wasted is Jada Pinkett-Smith's band.
-Amanda Bynes was in All That. Is that what Adam was talking about?


Anonymous said...


etch said...

epic episode. well done

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD IT'S ADAM LISAGOR!!! This is the best podcast ever.

tigi said...

But the question is, when will Stop Podcasting Yourself become part of a Monsters of Podcasting tour? Is Lonely Sandwich the first step?

Unknown said...

Great, now I can never un-see that censored Lily Allen pic. (Scare-ol Burnett almost makes up for it)

Word Verification: docto - the rough draft nickname for Doctor Octopus.

Toonie said...

Awesome episode! Adam Lisagor is frickin hilarious! You add him in with you two, a fancy umbrella, a lime wedge and you have a delicious comedy cocktail....yum!

Abetterworld said...

Dave & Graham. You really caught me off guard with this week's guest. The world's Haldron Collider of podcast comedy was built right in Shumka's basement last weekend. Bumpers are still collating and analyzing the data.

Kevin Conner said...

Hey dudes, here is an idea. I don't know if you've done it before, having just found your podcast this week, since I am one of Adam Lisagor's twitter-following fanboys. But now I am also one of yours. Yes, I have found myself in a sudden state of bumperhood. Did you know those are two adjacent parts of a car? Anyway please accept this humble offering:

When you play the "get to know us" theme, your guest should try and sing along with it. It will be difficult and also hilarious. Totally do this.

Thanks for the great show, Bumpees. I look forward to more and also backward since your archive is like that.

Anonymous said...

Just recently started listening. Great podcast. I am currently catching up with the previous ones. Thanks for providing me with some Canadian education. You should make t-shirts if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Great show...

And, Dave: I totally cried when I watched Ghost Town. Tea Leoni and Gervais had a great chemistry. The outtakes on the DVD were hilarious. She was always trying to bring him back to the scene when he would start laughing uncontrollably.


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